Our mission is to normalize every kink, fetish and desire and provide a safe atmosphere for all enthusiasts to come play and learn.

Pagans Paradise hosts Events that are Interactive, Educational, Body and Sex positive for all gender identifications, sexual orientations and lifestyles. No discrimination, no judgments and no questions asked!
  • Dominos Eros

    Aaron aka Dominus Eros has been a private massage therapist, Tantric healer and Pro Domme for 10 plus years. He has also taught many body and sex positive classes/workshops ranging from sensual/erotic touch,Tantric, BDSM and more.
  • Lola Jean

    Lola offers a variety of FemDom, Wrestling, Squirting, and Masturbation classes and frequently makes appearances performing at House of Yes and The Box. Lola’s background in the mental health field gives her a deep understanding to the mental blocks many individuals may face
  • Healing John

    A certified Reiki Master and a Body Electric School Alumni. He has been doing integrated bodywork for over five years. Through a combination of strong talented hands and expert breath work you will awaken your chakras and get the energy flowing.