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Butt Plug Meditation (all bodies, genders)

August 9, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Become grounded, centered, and find pleasure in your root chakra.

In this butt plug meditation led by Adam Bee (https://adambee.com) you will be guided into your root chakra. You will explore the tissues of arousal that come together in this part of your body. And you will bring consciousness, pleasure, and touch to your root.

🎟️ BOOK YOUR TICKET: https://adambee.as.me/butt-plug-meditation-meetup

We are all being pulled up out of our bodies by what is going on. Many folks are not even sure they will have a place to live in a month or two. All of that affects our rootedness and our centeredness.

Reclaiming your root is a powerful and liberating experience.

You will feel more relaxed, calm, and secure.

If you do not have a butt plug, you can use other penetrative tools that you find pleasurable. You can also follow along without using anything. Bringing consciousness into our root does not require physical contact, but for some of us, it can help.

*This event is for all bodies, genders, and identities
*No genitals on camera
*This event requires participation and your camera must be on.
*There are no refunds or exchanges once you purchase your ticket
*BIPOC scholarships available that will cover 75% of the cost, email info@adambee.com for more info

🎟️ BOOK YOUR TICKET: https://adambee.as.me/butt-plug-meditation-meetup


⚆ We will begin with introductions, agreements, and time to go into breakout rooms

⚆ The meditation will start with grounding, breathwork, and moving energy in your body

⚆ We will set aside time for you to invite the butt plug into your body

⚆ We will work for about 30 minutes with the butt plug. We will invite physical stimulation and breathwork to move energy up and down the body

⚆ At the close the meditation we will come back together for a final circle


🔘 You will need to download Zoom on your phone or computer (https://zoom.us/download)
🔘 Arrive 15 minutes early so that we can all get checked in and begin on time. The event will be locked after we go over group agreements.


🔘 A butt plug is often easier, but you can use whatever tool you find most pleasurable. You can also join in without penetration. Or you can practice energetic penetration.
🔘 A working camera that will need to be on for the duration of the event
🔘 A quiet space where you will not be interrupted
🔘 Room to move around so that you can show what you want to show
🔘 Oil or lube
🔘 A towel
🔘 Water

🎟️ BOOK YOUR TICKET: https://adambee.as.me/butt-plug-meditation-meetup


August 9, 2020
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Link with Ticket


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