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How Do I _____ A Clipstore?: Clip Workshop 102

November 2, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

You have a store. You have community. You have ideas. (Trust me, you do!) Next step is making some clip magic!

You’ve attended How Do I _____ A Clipstore?: Clip Workshop 101 and you are READY… ready for what, exactly? Let’s take your clip idea and walk it from inception to conception to cum-sumption.

And what better way to do it than together in a workshop full of our own community members.

We’ll brainstorm to find the best fit for your brand, create a script, set up the shoot and plan how to get those p3rvs to trade their cash for your clip. And how to keep that energy going in COViD times even if you’re a solo isolator or quarantining without a submissive or jobber to torment in your scenes.

This isn’t for big p0rn sets. This isn’t for people with tons of money for lighting kits. This isn’t teaching you super tech savvy shenanigans with the latest software.

There are lots of How Do I _____ A Clipstore? questions, and in the Workshop series, we’ll talk about:

* Store setup – get your clipstore open and ready for business
* Store management
* What do you need and what should you release on C4S?
* Media organization
* Avoiding those OH MY GOD I JUST LOST EVERYTHING moments
* Planning a shoot
* Harm reduction on amateur sets/fetish shoots
* How to maximize content on a budget
* Maximizing content during quarantine/isolation
* Using every part of the digital carcass (maximizing time and value)
* Is it a clip or Fan club content?
* Mistakes to avoid, tips and tricks to consider
* Writing clip descriptions
* Workshopping your clipstore with the class

*If you are an out-of-work SW, please reach out for a special rate.

Hold up… you DIDN’T attend How Do I _____ a Clipstore: Clip Workshop 101 yet? https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-do-i-a-clipstore-clip-workshop-101-tickets-125360563821?aff=PagansParadiseMeetUp


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