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Love Thyself Conference: Conflict Resolution

June 28, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

TICKETS: https://lovethyconflict.eventbrite.com

There is no instruction manual for healing from our past, so how do we begin to move forward?
The Love Thyself conference brings together a collection of experts, writers, and coaches within the alternative health field while providing a space to interact with others on their healing journeys.
We will discuss the category of Conflict Resolution and the various methods and modalities used to approach this.
What conflicts are capable of mediation or resolution?
What defense mechanisms get in the way of conflict resolution?
In any relationship, when do you try to resolve conflict and when do you call it quits?
What are various types of intervention and when are each appropriate?
How do we begin to find comfort in uncomfortable conversations?
What role does cancel culture play in conflict resolution?
More TBA!
This conference is for all persons of any gender identity, expression, etc… we all have room to Better Thyself.


Navigating Power Dynamics in Conflict Resolution w Lady Euphoria
Defense Mechanisms that Derail Conversations w Misha Bonaventure
Non Violent Communication
Breakups: when is it time for conflict resolution and when is it time to break up?
Cancel Culture: when is it called for and where is it helpful?
More tba…..

:: Q&A ::

Do I have to participate / speak / show my video?
Nope! Feel free to turn off your camera or leave it on if you wish! We will take your participation in whichever way you feel most comfortable. There will be a chat open if you’d like to interact with other members or the presenters.
Four hours seems long! Doesn’t it?
That’s why we have so many breaks scheduled! It should only run about 3.5 hours but we have an hours worth of breaks for you to dance, drink, meditate, whatever!


June 28, 2020
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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