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ONLINE – DOM/SUB/SWITCH EDITION – Speed Dating & Story Telling

May 5, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Get Tickets at : https://onlinekinkyspeeddating.eventbrite.com
($10 early bird, $15 standard, $20 day of)

Ever feel like the only option to dive into BD$M is head first only? What happened to having a conversation and figuring out chemistry? Have you ever been on a date that felt like a waste of time? Like they didn’t know how to connect with you?

Come for the hilarious storytelling and stay for the speed dating. Speed Dating & Storytelling gives you both the war stories of dating app past, present and future before they prep you for battle out in the Tinderverse.

Our storytellers are here to provide light and comic relief to your frustrating quest – and a little break from the monotony of quarantine if anything!

Expect a few games and talks like : Submit Your Best Dating App Opener for our judges to weigh in on. How to approach someone within a D/s context, how to figure out what you’re into or where to start all together!

**Please note that we DO NOT divide folx based on their gender identity or sexual preference. We also believe that you should be able to talk to people you don’t want to f****! **

When you purchase a ticket you will let us know if you identify as a D/s or something in between. Maybe you meet someone you want to go out with (after this is over), check out a kink class, or maybe you won’t remember their name. But maybe that person will give you a story. A story worth sharing at our next open mic….

About Speed Dating and Storytelling

In our own flirty take on musical chairs to make sure everyone walks away with something, even if its just a laugh or a valuable piece of information. Each person will have a certain amount of time to talk before the music plays and the group rotates. Each party will get a “Hit It” List where they can mark the people they vibed with. You can choose either a check mark or a heart as we are open to connections of that on a friend level OR more! Those will be submitted to the organizers and if you both real-time swipe on each other we’ll send out preferred methods of contact for each of you!


What if I don’t know if I’m a Dom, sub, switch etc…? Can I still go?
If you’re not sure of you are Dom/sub or maybe you want to explore your switch side, this event is still for you without any commitment to a role! Plus, talking to people who are more sure of their identity may help you in exploring your own! yay! and if you’re STILL not sure, well Pagans Paradise has a TON of other classes to help you find your place.

Being that we are inclusive to all gender identities and sexual preferences how does pairing people up work?
We believe that you should learn to talk to people you don’t want to f**k. Novel idea, right? We’ll pair everyone up randomly and rotate. Given only part of the night is storytelling there will be ample opportunity to strike up a conversation with anyone if you don’t get a chance to during the speed dating itself.

What if only men/women/queer/hetero/trans people show up?
This is an all inclusive event. We’re not trying to fill a certain quota of gender identity or sexuality. We also can’t assume peoples preference. We’re giving you a good time with a good show, but we’re not guaranteeing you’ll walk out with a date. You can hire a SW for that.

Is nudity allowed?
Nope. We love nudity, just not the time and place for it at this event. Other events for that!

What if I really like the person but they don’t like me? Can I find them on Instagram/Facebook/Fetlife juuuust to make certain?
That’s life, buddy. Things don’t always work out as we want. If both persons got on with each other we’ll notify both parties and exchange desired info. Otherwise, take it as a fun single experience and lay it to rest. That also means – don’t seek them out on social platforms if they didn’t show interest. That’s creepy.

We will alternate between speed dating, storytelling with ample breaks in between!


May 5, 2020
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Pagans Paradise NYC – A Haven for Heathens


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