Male Identified

Male-Identified Workshop

Male only events are presented by These events are inclusive to all men and are designed to create a fun atmosphere that is body and sex positive for all to learn and play in a safe space. To the right is a snapshot of some of the upcoming and exclusive popular events, for full list and schedule join

Tantric Body Release

Experience multiple orgasms and non ejaculatory release using tantric principles. Internal manual prostate work is also shown to engage our root chakra (optional for comfort level)

Nude & Clothed Yoga, Nude Warrior FIt

Various instructors teaching Yoga in styles that are great for all levels. Nude, Jock Strap and small wear options. Tantra and other twists for some combo events. Kettle Bell training in Nude Warrior Fit, fun and exclusive to DR.

Massage Orgy & Mouthing Off

Group style events using full body attention in using our sexual energy via touch or oral skills along the entire body.

Masturbation Puppetry

Work with blindfolds to create both puppets and puppet masters with the goal of edging your partner

Cock and Ball Bondage & Erotic Play

Using light form of CBT to create amazing sensations that lead into erotic play event. Other kink style events also are done monthly.