Mixed Gender & Orientation

Mixed Gender and Orientation Events

A wonderful introduction to the worlds of Sensual/Erotic Massage, Tantric & Sexual Spirituality, Sex Education, BDSM & Kink, Wrestling and much more! These events are designed for any gender identification and sexual orientation. To the right is only a snapshot of the events we do, to see full list and schedule join www.meetup.com/pagansparadise

Sense Play

Sense play we utilize many different tools/toys that vary in texture, feel, temperature and density.

Bondage Massage

Learn about the wonderful world of BDSM in a safe and fun manner. Great class for all new comers and those that know.

Impact Play 101

Impact Play can be a lot of fun but knowing how to engage in a way that is both pleasurable to Sub and Dom is very important.

Couples Erotic Massage

A must for those wanting to improve their touch with an easy and fun experience touching your partner in sensual and erotic ways!

Oral Fixation

Aside from being really fucking fun, oral manipulation of the genitals can be as satisfying an experience as sex for both the receiver and the giver. Not to mention, oral can lead to more satisying and enjoyable sex.