Mixed Gender & Orientation








Pass the Porn

An elevated and sophisticated version of that sleepover where one of your friends decided to search for porn and show the group. A cross between cinema and smut. Pillows, cuddle puddles, blankets and popcorn. And porn. Lots of porn.

Screenshot_2018-07-21 Wrestling for Lovers Asphyxiation Edition


Fan of the rough and tumble? Looking for an excuse to get sweaty with your partner? You don’t have to be Dom, sub, kinky, or experienced to get something out of playfighting. This playful fetish translates well into the bedroom.


Kink 101

Kink 101 combines some of our BDSM based events to give you a taste of each for those new and a space for those experienced to further their knowledge. We also go over the dynamics of how to engage at a play party and what to expect at them.

BDSM can seem intimidating but Play is nothing to be afraid of, only to be enjoyed in a fun, safe and erotic way. Consent and negotiation are discussed in order to set a safe, sane and consensual scene.


Reiki Bondage

eiki bondage explores the practice of energy, breath and intuition to connect with the universal life force to strengthen and enhance our connection to self and others. Through hands on touch and rope bondage, we invite a sensual consciousness that can create a deeply intimate experience.


A wonderful introduction to the worlds of Sensual/Erotic Massage, Tantric & Sexual Spirituality, Sex Education, BDSM & Kink, Wrestling and much more!

These events are designed for any gender identification and sexual orientation.

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