Mixed Gender & Orientation








Multi-Orgasmic Male

Tantric practice looks to make a deeper connection with our chakras and sexual energy. Utilizing breath work and root chakra activation (Prostate connection with play) we can begin the preparation for the body to be able to experience an Internal Body Release aka The Internal O. Achieving this state is the main way men can experience multiple orgasms with non ejaculatory release.



This is not a self defense class. Brazilian Jui Jitsu can be used in a variety of different ways— including sexually as you may learn in our Wrestling for Lovers class. Whether its for self-defense or for play BJJ can take you many places. Plan to gain an understanding of your own body as well as others. Plan to gain appreciation for your body and celebrate it. Plan to feel strong and empowered.


Reiki Bondage

eiki bondage explores the practice of energy, breath and intuition to connect with the universal life force to strengthen and enhance our connection to self and others. Through hands on touch and rope bondage, we invite a sensual consciousness that can create a deeply intimate experience.


In the No Part 3

Listen Now Guest appearance in “In The No” series, we sat down with several different groups of college-age women to talk about their sexual experiences. And we found that despite colleges now being steeped in conversations about consent, there was another conversation in intimate moments that just wasn’t happening. In search of a script, we […]


FemDom 101

New to Female Domination and not sure where to start? In this class we will go back to the basics. Use building blocks like Honorifics and exercises to develop your Domme persona or their sub persona. Learn how to determine pain thresholds, reading your sub, aftercare and more.


A wonderful introduction to the worlds of Sensual/Erotic Massage, Tantric & Sexual Spirituality, Sex Education, BDSM & Kink, Wrestling and much more!

These events are designed for any gender identification and sexual orientation.

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