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In the No Part 3

WNYC Studios

We sat down with several different groups of college-age women to talk about their sexual experiences. And we found that despite colleges now being steeped in conversations about consent, there was another conversation in intimate moments that just wasn’t happening. In search of a script, we dive into the details of BDSM negotiations and are left wondering if all of this talk about consent is ignoring a larger problem.

Sexual Healing, Literally

Comedian Remy Kassimir's podcast interviewing Dominus Eros and Lola Jean

We learn about the various sexual healing classes they offer: BDSM, Tantric Massage, Masturbation Classes, Tantric Massage etc

I'm not touching your penis.

Goddess, Lola Jean

Last night, I had a Tinder date. A first date. He backed out of our plans to grab a drink the next day, so we opt to cuddle and…

Can I have your number?

Goddess, Lola Jean

We hold men to the standard of being gentleman. Being kind and courteous.