CBT :: Cock & Ball Torture. Yay!

Tickets: ballbusting.eventbrite.com

You may think Cock and Ball Torture (or Ballbusting as it’s commonly referred to) is all about penis punching and ball kicking. And sure, it’s about that too, but it can be much more complex.

The scrotum is very resilient. As such there are many ways to tie, tickle, and torture in a safe and sane manner.

Ball bondage, clothespins, wartenburg wheels and other tools will be covered in the basic CBT techniques for this class. Except a live demo and a chance to get hands on experience of your own. Gloves will be provided.

If you told someone with a penis that you were going to scratch, slap, or tie up their genitals, chances are, they’d recoil at the mere thought of the pain. But, there are also people out there who wouldn’t just withstand that agony; they’d love it. They enjoy a kink based on this specific kind of pleasure: cock-and-ball torture (CBT).

At its core, CBT is about giving up control and getting pleasure from pain.

If you are a penis owner attending this class, please do not expect nor make requests / questions regarding getting a release in this class. All classes and events are consent-based meaning individuals are responsible for their behavior. If you want something specific – support sex workers. If your behavior or actions make anyone in the class uncomfortable you will first receive a warning. If this persists you will be asked to leave. Welcome to FemDom.