‘Submit & Train’ with Lady Euphoria: Sub Training 101 + MinglePayPlay Party

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/submit-train-with-lady-euphoria-minglepayplay-party-tickets-58598028280
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An Introduction to Submissive Training for those looking to improve their roles or those wanting to tap into other realms of intimacy through kink
Fri 7:45-11:45 pm, Suite 3F (Stair Walk-Up)

Pagans Paradise event that is open to all genders, orientations and lifestyles.

Join Lady Euphoria for an evening of submissive training, personality detecting, and s/d dynamic identifying. ‘Submit & Train’ is an introduction workshop on the foundations of submissive training; Participants will be guided through exercises on proper submissive training and protocol. This workshop is a concepts-based class meant to establish a basis for submissive training; it is welcome to all levels of kink players & novices. Training Dommes, Training Submissives, & Training Couple Tickets available!

Following the workshop, the Mingle&PayPlay party will begin; All workshop guests are allowed to stay for the party. This 3-hour segment will allow attendees to mingle, network, and experience play sessions with other players and available pro-dommes in public and private settings

Lady Euphoria identifying as a tenderly sadistic dominant, brings an informative, and human approach to tapping into various roles during s/d roleplay.

NOTE: This is a Kink-Friendly space, and will have a variety of sights;You must be comfortable with nudity & fetishwear. Come as you please, panties, leather, lipstick, sneakers, or whatever get’s you feeling the sexiest!

Cost – Early Bird Tickets start at $30! Go check out the different ticket types & feel free to any ask any questions!

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/submit-train-with-lady-euphoria-minglepayplay-party-tickets-58598028280
What to expect at the workshop:

It will be a concepts-based workshop focused on executing exercises, identifying personality types, and tapping into your inner sub/dom space.

Expectations for the party: A networking/mingling party with some public play/demos and the opportunity to play in private with some Pro-Dommes.

What to bring?

Yourself, ticket, ID, change of clothes, favorite toy?

There are limited spots, please reserve your tickets as soon as you can.

Hope to see you soon!

To learn more about Lady Euphoria, Check out her Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/8353626

Kink 102 – Learn and Play all things BDSM, 2nd Edition!

Tickets: https://kink102dec21.eventbrite.com
Kink 102 – Learn and Play all things BDSM, 2nd Edition! – Fri 9:30-11:45 pm but can go over for those willing to stay and play a little more!

Pagans Paradise & Daddy Retreat presents a Delightful Dungeon Club event that is open to all genders, orientations and lifestyles.

Led by Dominus Eros and Domina, Double Dom/me!

St. Andrew’s Cross and Slapper Bench setup!

Kink 102 expands upon Kink 101 which is a combination of 3 of our BDSM based events to give you a taste of each for those new and a space for those experienced to further their knowledge. We also go over the dynamics of how to engage at a play party and what to expect at them. With this edition we put a heavy focus on play and learning more intricate dynamics of Role Play, Power Dynamics and intermediate skill sets with tools of the trade.

Begginners can still take this event but is also great for those that have taken the 101.

BDSM can seem intimidating but Play is nothing to be afraid of, only to be enjoyed in a fun, safe and erotic way. Bondage is introduced with basic and intermediate ties that you can use to bind hands and feet freely or to cross/bench/table. Sense play with tools and toys gets blended to create a fun and erotic experience. Impact play is shown in a variety of ways from flogging to paddling and all in between. Power Dynamics and Role Play will be shown in a variety of ways.

Play toys, rope, floggers, paddles and more will be available to add to the scene and to help you be able to create the mood for intense play and fun.

Cost – Single Early Bird $40, $50 after
Cost – Couple Early Bird $70, $90 after
Cash works, if you want a PayPal/Venmo invoice please contact 3fsnyc@gmail.com.

Tickets: https://kink102dec21.eventbrite.com
Rope/Floggers will be provided however we will have some to buy as well. Bring extra money for those items that you may like.

NOTE: We encourage everyone to have an open mind in that this is a fun experience that you can learn, all consent based and done in a safe, sane and consensual space that welcomes all to explore and try new things. We do not pair people up as we leave that to those attending, all will be able to learn in all capacities. Couples can stay paired the whole time or play with others if you so choose.

What to expect at the workshop:

Kink Wear inspired class, however you can dress in any gear/sexy/regular clothing if you want. You will learn how to use all items shown in a safe way. Free play after 11pm

What to bring?

You can bring a towel if you want. If you have a flogger/toys feel free to bring that as well.

RSVP Class has limited spots, please reserve as soon as you can. We can have a waiting list in case of cancellations. ***Note, Please RSVP only if you plan on coming, it is misleading to others attending when half a group shows up thinking many others are coming, and could potentially block someone who wants to come from attending. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Hope to see you soon!