Wrestling Party: LADY LUCHA LIBRE


Cost for entry:
$25 early bird
$30 at the door

Craving that feeling of being overpowered by a strong, athletic woman?

How about being lifted over her head?

Perhaps you want an evenly fought match with a woman half your size.

Muscle Worship and Intimidation. Arm wrestling and scissorholds. Trampling and chokeholds.

Expect a night devoted to the muscular feminine form. This is your opportunity to sample some of the best wrestling has to offer. From the BJJ trained to Judo masters. Wrestlers will be available for mini-sessions in EIGHT minute increments with opportunity for 2 on 1’s! **Additional tribute applicable.

There will be two, smaller private rooms available for less competitive sessions.

Come to tussle with us or just come to sit back and watch. Aspiring wrestlers and fandom are welcome as well.

LOLA http://www.sessiongirls.com/lolaj2198/profile

CYPRUSS https://www.sessiongirls.com/cypruss_allure/profile

URSA https://www.sessiongirls.com/Ursa/profile

KIMCHI https://www.sessiongirls.com/kimchifetish/profile
LANA http://www.doommaidens.com/store/1lana.html




More TBA

Plus a few surprises who need to remain anonymous.

You may pay cash at the door, but note: door tickets are $30

Pass The Porn: A Cinematic Social Experience

Presented by the Violet and Is Our Love ____ ?
With censorship at an all time high, it feels like spaces to safely express or celebrate our sexual interests are dwindling. We’re stuck in a limbo between eyes wide shut sex parties and Instagram worthy gala’s that cost an arm and a leg just to say you went.

Enter Pass the Porn. Helping you form your relationship with pornography. The world lives between extremes. Porn stashes (not to be confused with Porn ‘staches) and Porn detoxes. Either we hide our porn habits behind our back to never speak of it or abstain from porn and proceed to never shut up about it. The reality is: Porn isn’t evil. It all depends on how we use it. So let’s choose to use it for good. Let’s talk about it, cause it sure as hell isn’t going away.

What if there was a way to watch the porn we can’t bring ourselves to pay for in the company of friends and strangers? What if we could create a conversation around said pornography and use it as a learning platform. Ask questions about what you saw, what is real, what is “normal.” Unpack the nuances and cultural norms influenced by porn and how that ripples back through society.

Think of this as an elevated and sophisticated version of that sleepover where one of your friends decided to search for porn and show the group. A cross between cinema and smut. Pillows, cuddle puddles, blankets and popcorn.

Each Pass the Porn film series will feature multiple films from well known and indie artists with an underlying theme. Masturbation, Facials, BDSM, Group Sex and much more. Between films, expect panel discussions, Q&A, and mini workshops related to the content you just saw.

This inaugural Pass The Porn is all about THREESOMES. MMF, FFM, MMM, FFF, TTM and everything in between. Combinations are endless and variety is the spice of life. But How do you go about initiating a threesome? Is it really like how it happens in porn? How do you figure out positions? Who goes first? That’s where our panels and workshops come in. Unicorns: What To Do When Adding a Third or When You Become One. Speaks from both the perspective of the couple AND the third. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet a special someone to your other special someone.

This is a hands off event. While cuddling, kissing and mingling is allowed and encouraged, there is NO sexual play or nudity permitted at this event. This is for the safety and comfort of everyone within this container. There will be future events with themes that may allow this: i.e. Masturbation or Couples focused collections.

It’s perfectly okay to be turned on by what you watch. It is made with that in mind, after all. We like to keep a 3 second rule when it comes to creeping. As in: after three seconds, a stare becomes creepy. We follow an alert system – alert a person or staff member what someone is doing makes you uncomfortable. They will get a warning and if they do it again they will be removed from the event. Pass the Porn is an education first event and part of that education is how to behave like a civil human around others. I.E. this isn’t an event for you to jerk off to the people sitting around you. If we’re going to have sex and watch porn, we should be able to talk about it.

*Beverages and Nibbles will be available for purchase*


What do I wear?

Lingerie, Pajamas, Street Clothes. There’s no uniform, unless you want there to be….

Can I come alone?

Bring your friends, bring your boo, or just bring yourself. Pass the Porn is an event aimed to make porn social and socially acceptable. That includes being comfortable talking about it amongst friends and partners as well as experiencing it around other people. The point is: You’re not alone when in the company of like-minded individuals.

What if I get an erection during the film?

Great! That likely will happen and isn’t a big deal. What an excellent time to practice being aroused in a social situation and then not expecting anything to happen because of it!

Pervy Speed Dating

Get Tickets at : pervyspeeddating.eventbrite.com
($20 early bird, $25 standard)
Have you ever been on a date that felt like a waste of time? Like they didn’t know how to connect with you?

Come for the hilarious storytelling and stay for the speed dating. Pervy Speed Dating gives you both the war stories of dating app past, present and future before they prep you for battle out in the Tinderverse.

Our storytellers are here to provide light and comic relief to your frustrating quest. If you’re feeling so bold, volunteer your own story in an open mic in between each performer.

Expect a few games and talks like : Submit Your Best Dating App Opener for our judges to weigh in on. The Key to Reading Non-Verbal Cues. How to Not be a Creep. and MUCH MORE.

Now that you have a shared experience you can talk about, it’s time to speed date! We will provide nametags for your preferred pronouns and sexual preference so you don’t have to explain that every round. Maybe you meet someone you want to go out with, check out a kink class, or maybe you won’t remember their name. But maybe that person will give you a story. A story worth sharing at our next open mic….

About Open Mic : Dating Storytelling

All open mic stories must be under 5 minutes

About Pervy Speed Dating

In our own pervy take on musical chairs, each person will have a certain amount of time to talk before the music plays and the group rotates. Each party will get a “Hit It” List where they can mark the people they vibed with. Those will be submitted to the organizers and if you both real-time swipe on each other we’ll send out preferred methods of contact for each of you!

What if only men/women/queer/hetero/trans people show up?

This is an all inclusive event. We’re not trying to fill a certain quota of gender identity or sexuality. We also can’t assume peoples preference. Again, at the very least you get to watch an entertaining show and maybe meet someone who doesn’t suck. We’re giving you a good time with a good show, but we’re not guaranteeing you’ll walk out with a date. You can hire a SW for that.

Is nudity allowed?

No. This is a speed dating event. You don’t know if the x amount of people across from you are into that so keep it in your pants.

What if I really like the person but they don’t like me? Can I find them on Instagram/Facebook/Fetlife juuuust to make certain?

That’s life, buddy. Things don’t always work out as we want. If both persons got on with each other we’ll notify both parties and exchange desired info. Otherwise, take it as a fun single experience and lay it to rest. That also means – don’t seek them out on social platforms if they didn’t show interest. That’s a wear down technique. That’s creepy.

Will there be booze?

There will not be, but you can BYOB (wine and beer) if you wish. If you are too intoxicated to consent or be a respectable functioning human we reserve the right to ask you to leave.

Wait, I can get kicked out?

Oh yeah. At Pagans Paradise events, we encourage a self-policing system where if individuals make you feel uncomfortable you can either alert that person or a staff member. If you continue to do something you were alerted of we reserve the right to ask you to leave. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Sensual Dominance and Erotic Sense Play!

Tickets: https://sensualdominanceeroticsenseplaymay14.eventbrite.com

Tue 7-9pm, 38 w 32nd st, Suite 1406 on 14th floor

NOTE: Depending on how you identify we will try to pair you accordingly, however we encourage everyone to have an open mind in that this is a fun experience that you can learn, all consent based and done in a safe, sane and consensual space that welcomes all to explore and try new things. If you only want to be paired with a certain gender or orientation and are not sure, bring someone with you and you can stay paired up, part of the fun in this case would be voyeurism with various types of play.

BDSM can include many layers and levels of play, one of them being the sensual side of touch and sensation. Sense Play uses techniques and methods that play on both the physical and mental aspect of the sub. For Sense play we utilize many different tools/toys that vary in texture, feel, temperature and density. One doesn’t have to identify as a Dom/me or sub in order to enjoy sensation play.

Lola and Dominus will take you through how you can dominate using sensuality and touch to Dom/me your sub. Learn to introduce the various tools to create sensual layers of tactile response. Combined you will find a play session that is both erotic and stimulating, while not being overly aggressive and avoiding impact play. Great class for all new comers and those that know.

As a step beyond our normal sense play class, learn how to use less invasive tools of dominance or control without asking your partner to give up more than they are ready for. An excellent lesson for those unsure of where to start with their partner. A favorite of Lola’s is a correction to the kink starter pack: Choke, Spank and Hair pull are executed painstakingly wrong and with such frequency. Learn how to do these basic moves with ease, consent, and safety.

We will provide all tools/toys, but feel free to bring your own.

Cost $45 for individual, $80 for a couple.

What to expect at the workshop: Nude inspired class, however you can dress in gear/sexy clothing if you want. You will learn how to use all items shown in a safe way.

What to bring? You can bring a towel, and shorts that you can wear when you need to use the restroom or walk in the waiting area. If you have tools/toys feel free to bring that as well.

I’m a sub/dom/switch/gay/straight/man/woman/human, is it okay if I come alone?

This is a tasting using different types of toys or temperature on the skin. We have people pair or group up and split the class into two intervals so each person can experience being giver and receiver. If two individuals agree to any sexual touching of sorts that’s up to their own consent however it is NOT required or expecting of any individual, nor is nudity. We cannot promise to pair you up with someone of a specific gender or orientation, so if you don’t want to leave it to chance we recommend bringing a partner

Love Thyself: The Slumber Party. An All Day Self Pleasure Workshop

Ticket link: https://masturbationslumberparty.eventbrite.com

***NOTE: this class is intended for women and trans/non-binary people with vulvas***

Are you always chasing an orgasm? Do you feel like you’re not doing a “good enough” job at masturbating? Is it difficult to focus on pleasure due to body hangups? In addition to loving our bodies through touch we will work to understand the root of our shame, negativity and self-doubt and confront this head on.

Inspired by a truly moving Valentines Day Love Thyself, the masturbation workshop is growing up! The class on the day of love felt more like a slumber party than an organized masturbation circle. And it got me thinking. What if we spent the entire day unraveling what we think we know about our bodies, then building on that and discovering new things and sharing those with eachother? What if we created a supportive environment to cheer eachother on in our journeys? And what a better time than MASTURBATION MONTH.

Do you ever feel like you’re alone with your pleasure quandaries? Think you can only cum in one way? Not sure you’ve come at all? Having trouble getting out of your head? Think you’re the only one who experiences vaginal pain?

There is a power in numbers. Masturbation and sex are when we are at our most vulnerable. Sharing our hang ups, our questions, our successes is a part of that vulnerability.

Think of this as the greatest hits of all the masturbation workshop topics: body positivity, squirting, toys, making love to yourself – and yes even high masturbation. Canna – lube is on the menu!

Fuck the haters and choose to make love to yourself. We’re going all out: (fake) candles, chocolates, essential oils, Prosecco, plus a few select toys will be made available for all attendees.

The best love is self love, so why do we tend to rush this act as opposed to taking the time to enjoy it? This class will leave you looking at self love in a new light. Think of this as a yoga class for your lady parts. Every month, take the time in Love Thyself to work on whatever your vaginal goals may be. Whether it is learning new paths to pleasure or how to direct a lover to service you or working towards squirting voluntarily (that means on your own!). The day will alternate between discussions about anatomy, menstruation, body and gender identity, as well as a few separater hands on portions!

Instructor Lola Jean will take you through vaginal meditation, a vocally guided self touch journey. Partake in a few exercises that will help expand your views and understanding on masturbation as well as your own body.

All you need for this class is yourself and your hand. A nude inspired class, nudity is fully optional as masturbation can be done with clothes on too. This is a safe and body positive space to be vulnerable both physically and mentally.

Detailed topics and exercises to come!

** Brunch and Snacks to be provided **

Water Sports : Mini Workshop

Tickets: Watersports.eventbrite.com

Water Sports & other things. How does one actually prepare to urinate on someone? What do you do after it happens? Why would someone find this enjoyable to give OR receive? It’s not always as simple as “peeing on someone”. We discuss the difference between the mental attraction and “trying to pee on your lover in the shower to see if you’re into it”. This is more of an informational add-on class than a participatory one but if someone wants to donate their body to science, I’m sure we can make it of use.

In this class you will have the option to sit back, watch and take note or to participate yourself.

This is a unique opportunity to take a specialized class in what is part of a larger intensive day: See more details on the FemDom Bootcamp here: femdombootcamp.eventbrite.com
An all day intensive we will be able to delve deeper into specific areas within domination and perfect your craft with individualized coaching. Wether you’re looking to involve domination in your sex life, your career, or just in everyday conversation – Tools of the Domme are invaluable.