How To Please A Man :: Incl. Deep Throat Tutorial (You’re Welcome)

Open to all humans regardless of gender identification!


For all those Daddies in our lives, introducing How To Please a Man. Sure, it’s not that difficult, this class zeroes in ont he physical tools and also tools of communication to put the power in your hands (or mouth) while he gets a one way ticket to O-town. (Liquid Dreams makes more sense now, doesn’t it?)

Giving pleasure is FUN. Not for the of doing so for a reward or the end goal but for the journey. The goal is to make the other feel good and to relish in the power or trust in which you take them there.

Lola Jean will teach various hand manipulation, oral and anal techniques. From deep throat hacks to easing into butt stuff, Lola Jean gives a run down and live demonstration for some of her best tips and tricks.

Expect a refresher on male anatomy in the different states of arousal using live models for demonstration.

How to please a man is about more than just physical touch. Learn the art of communication when it comes to making a lover feel safe, comfortable and valued. Take inventory on their responses to understand what type of approach and touch is best suited for them.

This class is a WATCH & LEARN. Please note this is not a hands on class and attendees will be asked to stay clothed for the entirety of the lesson. If you are interested in more hands on classes or private tactical lessons, please consult Aaron and Lola Jean on group class or private options.

**We recognize not all humans with penises identify as men, nor do those who identify as men have a penis. All lessons of touch are applicable to any human body.

BONUS : If you’re just as interested in pleasing a man through pain as you are pleasure, stay directly after class for a demonstration of the art of Cock and Ball Torture


But I’m One of The Good Guys

Do you feel that you’ve been forced into silence? That there isn’t an environment to not only support but discuss your own experiences and thoughts surrounding #metoo or navigating consent?

It’s okay to be upset. It’s okay to be confused and unsure. It’s okay to be frustrated. This is a space for men. All men.