LGBTQ+ Acroyoga – Beginner level

Join Our Seventh Beginner level Acro Workshop!!

Curious about Acroyoga?
Want to learn and practice with fellow queers?
Acroyoga is a beautiful practice in which trust, meaningful communication, and accurate self assessment become important and necessary.

Acroyoga is the amalgamation of partner acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage, married together in beautiful union to bring you shapes and motions that know little bounds.

Within this practice you will find yourself challenged to trust in yourself and your abilities. You will likewise find challenges within placing your trust in those you choose to practice with. The potential personal benefits of this are boundless.

For varying reasons, Attending Exercise classes with the general public can prove to be stressful for some members of the LGBTQ+ community. Together, lets create a space filled with courage, freedom and acceptance through practice with members of the LGBTQ+ community.

This is a space of acceptance, respect, and boundless love. All genders, orientations, ethnicities, sizes, socioeconomic standing, and ages welcome.
If you identify under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella, whether closeted and in need of friendly faces, or out AF, we want your presence.
Please be aware that this is a physically intensive class, and takes place on the second story.

Suggested donation for this event is $5-$10.
We want you way more than your money, if you do not have $$ for this, come anyways and leave a sticker, snack, button, or doodle as a donation. (Your instructors are suckers for cute stickers and vegan snacks). Hope to see you soon!

***Beginner Level! You need not have prior experience to partake!

Class Structure:
11-12:15/30 -> Instruction based beginner level class
12:15/30-1:15pm -> Free play & Jam time

What you can expect in class:
First and foremost, expect to challenge yourself. Likely both physically and mentally. We will begin class with an intro circle, warmup and exercises that prepare you for the skills we will learn. A game or two will ensue to get us working together as a group and in pairs too. Then we will learn some acro skills. You can opt in, or out of whatever you would like.

What you can expect of Free play / jam time:
During free play /jam time we encourage participants to play around with what we learned in class with the help of spotters. You are encouraged to ask new people to play (they are allowed to decline) and try out new things. Take pictures or videos of what you learned (remember to let people know they are documented there), or just hang around and decompress.

What to Wear:
-comfy top (that won’t cover your head if you go upside down)
-Non-slip material Leggings / yoga pants / athletic pants (cotton works well)
-rainbows (or not)

What to bring:
-Water receptacle
-A small snack in case of emergency
-A hair tie if your hair is long

Please arrive on time to warm up your body!

Address: 51 West 14th st (bet 5th & 6th ave)
buzzer: #3F
***Beginner Level! You need not have prior experience to partake!

Restorative Yoga

I will be leading a WEEKLY gentle yoga class BY DONATION, for my fellow trans*, gender non conforming, and non-binary babes. SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE! Bring and send your friends, partners, selves!
I will be teaching these classes out of a beautiful studio space on west 14th and 6th ave.

There are yoga mats there for your use.

This yoga flow will be a chance to slow down and tune in. We will take a break from the concerns of the outside world and focus on our breath and how it lends to our movement. Working with stretching, active flexibility, mobility, and some strengthening exercises, this flow will not be strenuous. It will be a great opportunity for restorative movement to recover from the stress put on our bodies and minds throughout the week. As we convene here giving our bodies permission to feel good and our breath the permission to move us. Suitable for ANY and ALL level of practice, beginners are encouraged to join.