Videos & Live Streams

Videos & Live Streams

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Naked Kettle Bell/Home Workouts

Have you found yourself stuck at home and perhaps starting to go a little stir crazy without access to a gym or other people to workout with?

Working out with a small group can be fun, doing that while nude can be exhilarating and give a sense of freedom. During these times in person groups are possible via livestream where you can get the energy of all in the virtual group.



Pegging 101 : An Introduction To Butt Stuff

In this class we will cover pegging top to bottom, emphasis on the bottom. We begin with a discussion on anatomy and safety before we progress into a demo of external touching and massage before any penetration would occur.




DIY KINK 101 – Quarantine BDSM Survival Edition

Have you found yourself stuck at home and perhaps starting to go a little stir crazy with the ones you love? Whether you are indulging in this time together, or at each other’s wits end, lets find some kinky ways to get that energy moving to create positive bonding experiences that you can do at home.




Domming 101 – for all genders and orientations

There is no single “right” way within FemDom. Every Dom/me has their own style, and every sub requires a different approach.

DommeLabs are designed to give you the tools you need to be a badass in and out of the bedroom. Refine your skills, gain new inspiration, methods, and embrace your inner Dom/me. Learn how to seduce your partner into playing submissively.




Naughty Game Night

Tired of social distancing? Want a place to have a laugh, feel connected again and talk about anything besides covid-19?

Step away from the Netflix…..

We’re bringing a sense of whimsy and play back into your Saturday night, no matter where you may find yourself! Grab a drink, grab a pen and paper and revive the time old classic of GAME NIGHT.

Each week we bring a new naughty twist on a few classic game night games.

Think….Dirty Charades…..Dirty Pictionary…..Truth or Dare…..make your own – Cards Against Humanity.