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LIVESTREAM : Sensual Dominance & Worship – Quarantine Edition

April 8, 2020 @ 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Tickets: https://sensualdominanceandworship.eventbrite.com

Pagans Paradise & Daddy Retreat presents an online livestream event that is open to all genders, orientations and lifestyles.

LIVESTREAM : Kink 101 – Sensual Dominance & Worship : The sweeter side of BDSM! – Quarantine Survival Edition (online)

Led by Dominus Eros and Reverend Rucifer.
(This event is great for singles, couples and more, of course keep with social distancing, safety first.)

Have you found yourself stuck at home and perhaps starting to go a little stir crazy with the ones you love? Whether you are indulging in this time together, or at each other’s wits end, lets find some sexy ways to get that energy moving to create positive bonding experiences that you can do at home.

As part of our Kink 101 series, this workshop extends into a beautiful realm of BDSM that many want but most think doesn’t exist.

BDSM can seem intimidating but play is nothing to be afraid of, only to be enjoyed in a fun, safe and erotic way. Consent and negotiation are discussed in order to set a safe, sane and consensual scene.

Sensual Dominance is a very fun and playful side to domination that does not have to include heavy impact, sexual play or forms of degradation at all…in fact it is using sensual elements seen in sense play (using our senses and how they respond) as well as D/S role playing and/or energy dynamics that are meant to luxuriate the sub into a yummy sub head space.

Worship play is traditionally done from a sub to dom point of view, which we will touch upon, however it can be from the dom to sub point of view which may surprise many out there. It is all about intent and nuances of verbiage and power dynamic than can create such a loving and decadent experience for all involved.

There are many forms of worship and we will touch up a few. We do want to highlight one form than can be used for all gender identifications and that is Goddess worship.

Goddess worship is utilizing what is done during worship play with the focus on activating the inner Goddess in all of us harnessing the divine feminine energy. This will resonate extremely well with female identifiers that have always been taught to be a pleaser and instead will focus on you being the recipient of worship at the alter of your divine feet.

Both principles of sensual dominance and worship can be blended to match any D/S dynamic and will be a deeply fulfilling experience for all parties involved in the divine scene.

Workshop Overview
-Basic BDSM principals
-Sensual dominance
-Worship play
-How to blend Sensual Dominance and Worship play
-Segway to Kink play party (combo tickets available, link to details below)

This event is perfect for all experience levels. We will field questions during an open Q&A time, and you can always email pagansparadisenyc@gmail.com with any additional questions.

This workshop will take place via Zoom and you will be able to visually connect with others from across the continent. You can also join as a viewer only, meaning you will not be seen and have privacy.
* Everyone will be muted during this event, and we will have specific times for Q&A *

-Internet connection and Zoom app (desktop or mobile), which is free
-A quiet space where you will not be interrupted (We’re offering this at 9PM, hoping any potential kids will be put to bed.)
-Household items, kink toys etc
-Open kinky minds ;p

***Please download and test your Zoom app before the event starts so we can begin on time. https://zoom.us/download

Tickets: Cost – $29 per access link, $39 for combo, or donation basis (suggested minimum $10 but you can donate more if you can/wish to, Only applies to workshop and not combo)
Zoom Access Link will be given in order confirmation, if you have not received it please email pagansparadisenyc@gmail.com

**We will do an after Kink play party on a separate Eventbrite/Zoom link: https://sensualdominanceandworshipafterparty.eventbrite.com .**


April 8, 2020
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Pagans Paradise NYC – A Haven for Heathens


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