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Love Thyself: The Slumber Party. An All Day Self Pleasure Workshop

July 21, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Ticket link: https://masturbationslumberparty.eventbrite.com
***NOTE: this class is intended for women and trans/non-binary people with vulvas***

Are you always chasing an orgasm? Do you feel like you’re not doing a “good enough” job at masturbating? Is it difficult to focus on pleasure due to body hangups? In addition to loving our bodies through touch we will work to understand the root of our shame, negativity and self-doubt and confront this head on.

Inspired by a truly moving Valentines Day Love Thyself, the masturbation workshop is growing up! The class on the day of love felt more like a slumber party than an organized masturbation circle. And it got me thinking. What if we spent the entire day unraveling what we think we know about our bodies, then building on that and discovering new things and sharing those with eachother? What if we created a supportive environment to cheer eachother on in our journeys? And what a better time than MASTURBATION MONTH.

Do you ever feel like you’re alone with your pleasure quandaries? Think you can only cum in one way? Not sure you’ve come at all? Having trouble getting out of your head? Think you’re the only one who experiences vaginal pain?

There is a power in numbers. Masturbation and sex are when we are at our most vulnerable. Sharing our hang ups, our questions, our successes is a part of that vulnerability.

Think of this as the greatest hits of all the masturbation workshop topics: body positivity, squirting, toys, making love to yourself – and yes even high masturbation. Canna – lube is on the menu!

Fuck the haters and choose to make love to yourself. We’re going all out: (fake) candles, chocolates, essential oils, Prosecco, plus a few select toys will be made available for all attendees.

The best love is self love, so why do we tend to rush this act as opposed to taking the time to enjoy it? This class will leave you looking at self love in a new light. Think of this as a yoga class for your lady parts. Every month, take the time in Love Thyself to work on whatever your vaginal goals may be. Whether it is learning new paths to pleasure or how to direct a lover to service you or working towards squirting voluntarily (that means on your own!). The day will alternate between discussions about anatomy, menstruation, body and gender identity, as well as a few separater hands on portions!

Instructor Lola Jean will take you through vaginal meditation, a vocally guided self touch journey. Partake in a few exercises that will help expand your views and understanding on masturbation as well as your own body.

All you need for this class is yourself and your hand. A nude inspired class, nudity is fully optional as masturbation can be done with clothes on too. This is a safe and body positive space to be vulnerable both physically and mentally.

Detailed topics and exercises to come!

** Brunch and Snacks to be provided **


July 21, 2019
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Pagans Paradise NYC – A Haven for Heathens


Brooklyn, United States
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