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Is Our Love A Multi-Orgasmic Man (Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms with Dominus Eros)

Dominus breaks down his two paths to achieving internal orgasms so you can find your own toe curling sexual experience.

05 Sexual Healing, Literally (David Goldberg, Dominus Eros & Lola Jean)

Timeout NY co-hosts and introduces Remy to his favorite sexual healers, Lola Jean & Dominus Eros (3FStudios)

In the No Part 3

We dive into the details of BDSM negotiations and are left wondering if all of this talk about consent is ignoring a larger problem.

Finding my Yum episode #106 with Geri Courtney-Austein

We’re talking all about the multi-orgasmic male and it’s amazing!! When we talk about male orgasm and anatomy, it’s so linear and myopic. In this conversation, Dominus expands what’s possible. You don’t want to miss it!


Why It's Hard for Men to Come Out as Bi

Bisexual men have to face homophobia and toxic masculinity when they come out.

Nude Warrior Fit: Kettlebells for Beginners

Join the merry men of Daddy Retreat, along with pro instructor Dominus Eros, as you learn how to work with weights without clothing or inhibitions to hold you back. Get comfortable with your body and meet new friends at this weekly workout.

Let’s Dissect Queer Men’s Longstanding Connection to Leather and BDSM

Wearing leather puts you in a different headspace during sex, which for many is the ultimate allure of BDSM


Even in a pandemic, these gangbangs and swingers’ events appear to be moving ahead as scheduled. It’s all in blatant disregard of people’s health, safety and, in many places, the law

5 Men Share the Differences Between Penile and Prostate Orgasms

Timeout NY co-hosts and introduces Remy to his favorite sexual healers, Lola Jean & Dominus Eros (3FStudios)



From bi porn sets to pegging classes, Karley explores male sexual fluidity by asking the age old question: do bisexual men exist?

EPISODE 2 - Paddles, Ropes & Alchemy

A polyamorous couple explore same-sex fantasies. Women awaken their erotic sensuality on a journey toward self-empowerment

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