Sexual Authenticity Play Party


Sexual Authenticity Play Party – Mon 7-11:30 pm

Pleasure Evolution and Pagan’s Paradise are collaborating to bring you this juicy evening.
Are you longing for more joy and fulfillment in your sensual life?

Do you wish you knew more like-minded souls to accompany you on your explorations into Sexual Authenticity?

Who would you be and how would you play if you gave yourself full permission to have your desires?

Join us for an evening of fun, exploration and dive into the full spectrum of sensual pleasures! Come on a journey to a space where mono, poly, Tantra, BDSM, ecstasy and intimacy intersect.

Opening Circle: Connection, Consent and Embodiment
During the opening Circle we will build a container of community. You’ll be facilitated through exercises that will build connection to your own body and senses, and then to others in the circle. You’ll learn new ways to tap into your desires and give them voice. When you are able to experience the free flow of your sexuality, you can open yourself to all of your creativity, emotions and vitality. Join us to experience how you can amplify your own sexual energy and enjoy that flow as you interact with others. Dance in the exchange of eros at this evening of sacred community and safe, playful experiential exercises. This is an opportunity to expand your ideas of intimate connection and what counts as SEX. The most important rule of the evening is “don’t do anything you don’t want to do.” Consent and boundaries are all-important and we will help you find yours. Come feel your body’s joy and your heart’s longings.

After the opening circle games, we open up to Play!
This is a place where all parts of you are welcome: your hunger, your fear, your vulnerability and your power. A place where you are encouraged to give voice to your desires, to be seen and to see others. Magically, a room full of strangers will become a sacred community. Can you imagine tasting another’s soul?

Playtime is devoted to the Tantric concept “Everything is an Experiment.” What have you always wanted to experience? How much pleasure will you allow yourself? That might look like sharing a sensual experience with your committed partner in a space where other people are also playing. You might explore relating to someone of the same sex, or multiple partners. You might want to be in the energy of the erotic, and stay within your own energy field. No activity is expected or required, and anything safe and consensual is allowed. In fact, to watch is also to participate. There will be dungeon equipment, massage tables, erotic and snuggle zones available

Light refreshments will be served, and please feel free to bring fun contributions for the snack table.

THIS IS A DRUG AND ALCOHOL FREE EVENT. Be here when you’re here.

This is a sex positive, sex permissive event. Come cuddle. Come kiss. Come dance in the flow of Eros and revel in exploring your Authentic Sexuality.

Facilitated by the founder of Pleasure Evolution, Rebekah Beneteau, Sex, Kink and Intimacy Coach, Healer and “Theratrix”.

Tickets MUST be purchased in advanced at

Tickets are $35 – 50. Early Bird pricing until June 30th.

Please use link to see and secure tickets, event will sell out.
Tickets Guarantee Spot, Cash at door or Venmo works as options (email


RSVP event has limited spots, please reserve and get tickets as soon as you can. We can have a waiting list in case of cancellations.


Erotic Hypnosis: An Introduction to Hypnosis for Sexual Play!


Erotic Hypnosis: An Introduction to Hypnosis for Sexual Play!
Tue 7-9 pm

Pagans Paradise event that is open to all genders, orientations and lifestyles.

Anyone can learn to hypnotize a consenting partner in a single class, but the Pandora’s Box of mind-expanding sex it opens can take a lifetime to master.

Hypnosis is a set of tools for inducing trance, a special state of focused attention. If you’ve ever felt your mind wander while driving a car, gone into that “space” in a really hot scene, or drifted off into a nap, you’ve already experienced trance!

Now, learn to induce trance in yourself and others using the power of suggestion and hypnotic language. From on-demand orgasms to rich sensory fantasies, erotic hypnosis allows a willing mind to do any number of incredible, sexual feats. Best of all, hypnosis pairs with all types of sexual play, so whatever your pleasure, there’s a way to hypnotically enhance it.

Led by certified Ericksonian hypnotist Devin Person, this introductory class covers the basics of consent-based erotic hypnosis, including scene negotiation, quick and effective inductions, and a dazzling variety of sexy suggestions. Perfect for beginners, anyone interested in hypnotizing, being hypnotized, or both.

(Never been hypnotized before? No problem. Skeptics are welcome to see for themselves!)

Devin Person is a trained hypnotist, former sex writer, and actual wizard. The founder of NYC’s first Hypnosis Salon, Person hypnotizes guests at Bushwick warehouse parties, leads unforgettable guided meditations, and can be often found riding the subway in full wizard robes. More at

NOTE: This event is open to singles, couples, all genders, orientations and lifestyles.

Cost -$45 Early Bird single, $55 single. $90 Early Bird for Couple, $110 for Couple. Cash at time of class also works, tickets at link below.
Tickets: coming soon!

What to expect at the workshop:
Class will be clothed but demos may be highly erotic. This workshop is great for both couples and singles. A group induction will allow everyone to experience a light trance. Basic inductions and example suggestions will be demonstrated using volunteers and, time-permitting, we’ll open it up for partnered practice, mentoring, and observation. Non-sexual inductions and other core skills can be practiced by all.

What to bring?
An open mind. Hypnosis requires no equipment.

RSVP Class has limited spots, please reserve with tickets as soon as you can. We can have a waiting list in case of cancellations.

***Note, Please RSVP only if you plan on coming, it is misleading to others attending when half a group shows up thinking many others are coming, and could potentially block someone who wants to come from attending. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Hope to see you soon!